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Push Notifications
Loyalty Program
Coupon Rewards
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Reach Your Customers Fast

Push Notifications let you blast out a message to all your customers that have downloaded your app. You can send out a message to your customers and it will be delivered right to their smartphone.

  • Send out daily specials.
  • Engage with your customers instantly.
  • Deliver your message right to their smartphone.
  • No need to worry about spam folders.
  • Customers always have their phone next to them.

Your Customers Will Love This

Forget about those punch cards to get your customers to come back. Have your loyalty cards on your app.

  • Punch cards get lost. These are inside the app.
  • Your customers will use these often.
  • You can track engagement.
  • Control the offer.
  • Incentivise your loyalty program.

Create Amazing Coupon Rewards

Your customers can check out the latest coupon rewards right from your app. You can add new offers each month.

  • Offer 2 for 1 deals.
  • Use coupon rewards to offer 10% off.
  • Add new coupons each month.
  • Get customers engaged with new offers.
  • Use coupon rewards for returning customers.

Outbound Marketing Formula

Use Push Notifications, Loyalty Cards and Coupons to get your customers to keep coming back. The new way to market your business is digitally and by using apps.

  • Send out daily offers and keep track of engagement.
  • Send your customers to your Booking Page to Book A Table Online.
  • Remind them to order through their app and online.
  • Insight on your business on any period of time.


Use the power of analytics to find out the engagement of your offers.

  • Discover what offers work the best.
  • Find out which push notifications are getting the most engagement.
  • Determine your ROI for your business.
Mobile marketing

Marketers Best Kept Secret is Bright Apps

Push Notifications

Send a message to all the smartphones of your customers.

No Waiting For A Website

Your own mobile app will load fast and have 1-click functionality.

Custom Analytics

See who is clicking on your offers and track engagement with your mobile app.

Client List Building

Build a list of customers who you can market to with the click of a button.

High End Products

Our mobile apps are custom made to work smoothly on Android & iPhone.

Customer Support

Outstanding customer support for any issue you may face with your mobile app.


What Our Customers Have To Say.

I wanted an app for my restaurants but was always putting it off. I got a call from Bright Apps and they came by the office and showed me a demo of my app before I actually paid them! I was blown away by the customer service and the attention to detail these guys had. Business is booming!

Bright Apps developed my app in about a week and it was awesome! I had the locals download the app first and then I tested out the push notifications. To be able to send out messages to my customers and have it go right to their phone is the best marketing tool ever! I wish I started sooner.

- Steve Sommers, Adwords